Terms and Conditions

Each walk will be charged at the current advertised tariff, and any changes will be advised with a minimum of 30 days’ notice.

Payment to be made either: daily or weekly, by Cash or Bank Transfer.  

You must provide your dog with a collar and Identification tag (By Law).

All dogs must be vaccinated (Kennel cough optional but highly recommended as your dog may meet other unvaccinated dogs whilst out on their walk) these vaccinations must be kept up to date.

All Dogs will be walked on the lead until trust has been gained. Once signed permission has been received, I will use my personal judgement to walk off the lead.

Walks4Woofers will not accept liability for escape of dog from an ill-fitting collar, or damaged lead.

Walks4Woofers will not accept liability for death of your dog, or any theft or damage in your home, when your dog is in your house on their own.

Walks4Woofers cannot accept responsibility for security of your premises, or loss, if other individuals have access to your home on the days that I visit.

Walks4Woofers will not walk bitches that are in season.

Walks4Woofers will apply personal judgement, to cut short a walk due to extreme weather conditions i.e.: Thunder storms and extreme heat, for the safety of your dog and myself.

Walks4Woofers will not walk your dog if they have an infectious or contagious disease, as this would put other dogs in my care at risk.

Walks4Woofers has the right to terminate this agreement, if your dog is aggressive with me and other dogs in my care, or other dogs whilst on a walk.

Walks4Woofers has the right to terminate this agreement due to late payment of fees.

24 hours’ notice is required for any cancellations.

Walks4Woofers will make every effort to keep your dog under control whilst out walking, but you are ultimately responsible for your dog/s behaviour. If they bite or cause any harm to any other dog/human whilst on a walk with me, you as the owner are responsible for all costs relating to any possible claim for damages/compensation.

Whilst your dog is being exercised, accidents can sometimes happen. In this case you will be contacted immediately if Veterinary treatment is required, and all fees are to be paid by yourself. If your regular Vet is unavailable, then emergency treatment will be sort elsewhere. If this is the case then you agree to reimburse me with any charges incurred.

Please leave out a towel for your dog, so they can be dried when they return from their walk.

Please ensure your dog has plenty of water, and that I have access to a tap to refill their bowls. If you would like me to feed any food/snacks to your dog, these must be left out with instructions in your house.

You will be contacted immediately if I am unable to walk your dog, due to Illness, or any unforeseen circumstances.

My working hours are Monday – Friday 9am- 3.30pm. I take all Public Holidays off and you will be informed as soon as possible, when I take my annual holidays.

Please notify me as soon as possible, if you have any concerns or complaints about Walks4Woofers.